A Day at the Movies: Hobbs and Shaw

I can hardly believe that one day at the movies has yielded so much fruit for thought, leadership, and relationship. Today, I will conclude the lessons from my day at the movies with relationship lessons from the Fast and Furious Series movie, Hobbs and Shaw.

Leadership Lessons from Toy Story 4

Passing the mantle is hard. You must give up status, influence, purpose, dreams, and realize that You are no longer the best person to fulfill the work you once believed you were called to for life. It gets even harder when you look at the new leader and you cannot understand why anyone would ever choose to put them in charge. Still, they have the influence you once had and they are everyone’s new favorite toy. What do you do?

A Stumble Is Not a Fall

Last week, I stumbled and didn’t begin the second series of articles from my day as scheduled. However, I did get a different lesson sent to me in the midst of it, that was not new, but a good reminder. I will share it today, then return to my series from the movies.

Leadership Lessons From the Lion King Part 3

Leadership lessons call out to us from unexpected places, if only we have ears to hear them.

Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing from a day at the movies, specifically from the Lion King. We have considered Lessons for Young Leaders and Servant Leadership. Today I would like to share some lessons on Personal Growth.