Life is Measured in Relationships


Discover the 7 Daily Choices that will increase your influence and expand your impact.

Donny finds himself lost and confused, everywhere he turns his life is in turmoil. In walks Scott, a friend from church, who offers to share what he has learned about relationships and overcoming conflict from life and the martial arts. When Donny chooses to open his life up, he has no idea what joy and heartache he will face, but together he and Scott explore the choices that create, build and sustain a thriving life with others.

Through this fable, you will learn to:

·        create a solid foundation for your relationships

·        build strength in all your teams

·        sustain trust even through the hardest times

·        understand the bedrock choice of every relationship

·        and how to implement them in your life TODAY!


About the Author

Dow Tippett has spent 30 years helping couples, families, and leaders learn to enjoy life and work together through full-time ministry. Now he brings that same passion to schools, teams, and business through the 7 Daily Choices frameworks. All this while leading a successful Martial Arts Training School with over 70 students.