Training Leaders

Schedule a Marriage Training for your Church or Community, and improve couples connection and commitment to each other.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • How we get TRAPPED in our marriage

  • The 10 daily barriers that keep us from thriving, productive relationships

  • How to improve connection with each other

  • How to grow your commitment to a life long love

  • How to create a better work environment

  • How to become more effective in our communities to bring life.

  • The 7 Daily Choices the create, build, and sustain thriving productive relationships

7 Daily Choices Leadership Training Includes!

  • A full or half day training program

  • 8 hours of team or individual coaching for you or your team

  • Copies of the 7 Daily Choices book for your team


  • 7 Daily Choices posters to place around the work place as a reminder to your team

  • Access to Video Tools in order to revisit the information with your team.

Your Guide


Dow Tippett

Also known as the Barefoot Speaker, Dow has been training couples, leaders, and parents for over 30 years in the Art of Thriving Relationships.

Dow is a successful business owner of a karate school where he trains over 80 students in Christian Leadership through the Martial Arts.