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Kawhi Leonard's Talent Doesn't Impress Me

Kawhi Leonard's Talent Doesn't Impress Me

Let me start with a confession. I am not a huge basketball fan. I like the playoffs, and final four or even elite eight, but I am a football guy. Still, unless you don't watch sports or news anywhere, you should know by now that Kawhi Leonard was the pivotal player in the Toronto Raptors beating the vaunted Golden State Warriors.

His stats are amazing, his build is phenomenal for a basketball player, and apparently people like him. In this off season, he has decided to take his talent to another team, because, like the rest of us, it was a better job and location for him and his future.

Many are ready, to dub him one of the greatest of all time already, but can I just say, "I'm not impressed by Kawhi Leonard's Talent!" 

Now don't get me wrong. Watching him leap above others to block shots from ten feet away, or throw up a switch underhand layup is great, but have you ever seen a seven foot man dwarf an otherwise tall six foot four inch man? Have you ever held an airplane bottle of wine and felt like a giant?

Here is my point. When I watch Leonard play basketball, I hardly notice his talent on a stage with many talented players. What I notice is his motor. This guy hustles. It seems like he never quits on a play.

I am sure one day he will grow more tires and have to pace himself some, but if he keeps the drive and tenacity I see now, he could be one of the greatest ball players of all time.

That's the secret for you and I as well. You and I are surrounded by gurus telling us we have a superpower. We have a gift we must bring to the world, but the best gift we can give is fight. Hard work and tenacity will outlive talent every day.

"If you can force your heart, and never, and sinew to serve you long after their turn is gone,

And so hold on when there is nothing in you, except the will which says to them, 'Hold on.'

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.

Yours is the earth and everything that is in it,

And which is more, you'll be a man my son."

-Robert Frost

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