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How Consistency Brings Change

How Consistency Brings Change

I woke up this morning and didn’t want to.

You know the feeling.

But hear me consistency beings change.

Much like the second law of thermodynamics says of matter, relationships move from giving life to taking life without the input of more life.

Whether at home, at church, at work, or even in your community, people do not and cannot grow closer to each other by accident. Instead we must choose to grow relationship with consistent daily choices.

It’s Monday, which means I need to release a new blog. I release one every Monday. I also have to write and release it before 9 am, because then I have to get to my regular job. On the good weeks, I write ahead of time and schedule release for Monday. On other weeks, I am able to republish some works I have already written. Today, I have to write.

Now, you may be thinking, “You don’t have to write. No one is paying you, and you don’t owe anyone an article.”

These are the thoughts that started my day as well, but if you want to have any influence for change you must be consistent.

My desire, my call, the reason I was made and get up in the morning, is to share the life changing truth of Jesus Christ. I want to share these truths with as many people as possible, and so to possibly gain a voice with some, I must be consistent.

Consistency is the backbone of integrity. In fact, some might say they are the same. My only struggle with that idea is that integrity carries a hint of good in the way it is used by most. Still they are deeply connected.

A lack of trust destroys relationships, companies, churches, and communities (no matter their size). Conversely, the greatest organizations in history reflect consistency. In his book, The Trust Edge, David Horsager lists Consistency as the eighth pillar of trust, but this does not in anyway make it the least important. In fact, as he introduces all the pillars he says:

“Trust is the natural result of thousands of tiny actions, words, thoughts, and intentions. It doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it happen all at once. Gaining trust is work. Knowing that you need to isn’t enough. You and I have to do the little things, on a daily basis, to earn it.”

If we desire influence with even a small audience, if we desire to bring change especially change for good. We must start by being consistent in the little choices we make every day.

So, get up. Do what you do.

It may not seem to matter today, but over time consistency brings life and change.

Thanks for reading.

Photo by Miroslav Ambruš-Kiš on Unsplash


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