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Join the webinar and learn what stands in the way of your influence and how to overcome it!

Here's What You'll Learn

  • The greatest obstacle to your influence
  • The 10 daily barriers that keep us from thriving, productive relationships
  • How to improve your marriage
  • How to be a grow your leadership capacity
  • How to be a better parent
  • How to create a better work environment
  • How to become more productive in life and business
  • The 7 Daily Choices the create, build, and sustain thriving productive relationships

Overcome the Obstacles Includes!

  • Master Class Webinar to understand how we sabotage our own influence and how to make changes today

  • 8 Days of Video Training sent directly to your inbox

  • Membership in a closed Facebook Group


  • 10 Obstacles Pdf to keep you mindful of the daily barriers and how to conquer them

  • Bonus Resources for growing your influence, impact and income.

Your Guide


Dow Tippett

Also known as the Barefoot Speaker, Dow has been training couples, leaders, and parents for over 30 years in the Art of Thriving Relationships.