• Conquer the enemy destroying your relationships

  • Vanquish the fear of living alone

  • Triumph over discord in your world

  • Deliver Peace to your home, work, and community

  • Empower your network for maximum impact and income

  • Overcome the obstacles to your influence

Relationship Samurai Training Includes!

5 Videos:

  • KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Gain clarity about what destroys relationships so you can save yours

  • DEFEAT LONELINESS: 3 steps to vanquish the great tragedy of modern man

  • YIELD TO THE THREAT: Discover the greatest obstacle to your influence and how to overcome it

  • EMPOWERING YOUR NETWORK: Understanding the secret to maximum impact and income

  • 7 DAILY CHOICES: Learn the seven disciplines to becoming a true RELATIONSHIP SAMURAI

Your Guide


Dow Tippett

Also known as the Barefoot Speaker, Dow has been training men, couples, leaders, and parents for over 30 years in the Art of Thriving Relationships.

Dow is a successful business owner of a karate school where he trains over 80 students in Christian Leadership through the Martial Arts.