• The average American Man has one deep friendship with another man, if he has any.

  • $550 Billion a year is lost due to disengaged workers, but when teams have good relationships, engagement is increased by 50%. Those who have a best friend at work are 7 times more likely to be engaged.

  • Suicide is rising among young men, due to a sense of loneliness and hopelessness.

  • When a Federal Judge was asked for the connection when crime rose almost 300% in a decade, he cited “Broken homes” as the single connecting factor for 95% of his cases.

  • Discover the Skills that Create, Build, and Sustain a Thriving Life with Others

  • Master the Enemy of Your Impact and Influence

  • Become the Leader you were created to be in your home, at work, in your church and community

Basic Training for Relationship Samurai

  • Get 8 weeks of on-line training

  • Discover the Frameworks to Practice the 7 Daily Choices that Create, Build, and Sustain a Thriving Life with Others

  • Weekly Personal Coaching

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Dow Tippett

Also known as the Barefoot Speaker, Dow has been training men, couples, leaders, and parents for over 30 years in the Art of Thriving Relationships.

Dow is a successful business owner of a karate school where he trains over 80 students in Christian Leadership through the Martial Arts.